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Learn to Read Quran online

Surat Al Baqara Challenge

Starting from 3 years old

Surat al Baqara Challenge

After 3 months kids will read from Surat al Baqara


Certified teachers with over

20 years experience teaching

in schools and privately

  • 20 years of experience with youth
  • Experience with ZERO Arabic reading ability
  • We like to make the learning online fun and enjoyable
  • Teachers actually care about the kids
  • Kids ask their parents when is the next class

What People Are Saying:

“My kids went to other schools for years and could barely read Arabic and in just a couple of weeks, my kids could read & write Arabic, Masha Allah”

Um Nasser

“I couldn't believe it when my son started to read the Quran by himself”

Um Adam

“My kids are asking me when is Arabic school, because they are excited to go to school”

Um Abdulrahman

"Ms. Rana is amazing in and out, I am a mother of three boys and I have tried many different teaching methods for Quran and Arabic through private schools, private tutors and the mosque programs.

I have looked over all curriculum and was never satisfied but I had to keep going telling myself this is better than nothing. Plus dealing with how the kids hate to do it or go to Sunday schools resisting with all kind of excuses.

After we started with Ms. Rana my life has changed alhamdolelah. Not only do I love her curriculum and what the kids are truly learning but how the kids love being in her class and learning from her and wait every week to attend her classes.

She is very patient Mash Allah and she is very honest and love what she is doing, her main goal is to make sure the kids are truly learning more than anything else. She doesn’t care about how much she spends with each kid but she makes sure the kids are learning.

I have asked her to stay with my kids till they go to collage 🙂🥰. We all love her and I pray for her day and night, Jazaha allaho kol Khier"


We use updated technology - easy to use

Private online classrooms for each class

Small group online classes

No software to download

  • We accept students 3 years old
  • Students will be reading after just a couple of sessions, In shaa Allah
  • Students get 2 sessions per week
  • We use actual school books

Surat Al Baqara Challenge

If you follow our techniques

Your student will read from Surat Al Baqara in 3 months,

In shaa Allah

Otherwise the next month is FREE